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Changing lives through smart technology

Pioneers in the field of e-Learning, IoT and healthcare, we strive to push the established boundaries through innovation, out of the box thinking.

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Smart people & smarter solutions

Bridging gap between cutting edge technology & usability, we have one goal: make lives better for all.

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eLearning Platform: Acharya

Looking for a 360° solution for bringing education to modern times. Acharya is our comprehensive platform with numerous features to satisfy all your requirements. Our solution includes fully automated classrooms to minimize operator involvement, increase learners' satisfaction and maximize the efficiency of your trainers and educators.

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Smart City & IoT Solutions

Real time pollution data through smart sensor deployments to optimized garbage collection schedule planning for city service providers, we have the know how to transform citizens' quality of living while letting city governments optimize their limited resources.

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Secure Data Repository

Have you ever misplaced medical records, and as a result undergo diagnostic tests. With our secure Medivault your data is available at your fingertips. Fully integrated with our hospital management suite - Susruta, your data is available at your discretion to appropriate hospitals and medical professionals anywhere in India and abroad.

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Integrated Hospital Automation

Susruta is our comprehensive hospital management and automation framework that makes every process transparent. From patient admission, to tracking appointments, medications, consultation history with specialists, inventory management, and everything seamlessly integrated with RFID technology we have the solution that will make hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics efficient.